4 Reasons to Learn Java for App Development

Java is one of the most well received and popular programming languages in the world. Released in 1995, Java has been iterated upon greatly since its inception. In terms of popularity, Java is regularly found to be the second most popular and used language in the world. Java is famed for its write once, run anywhere design, which it achieves by executing code within its own secure virtual environment.

For aspiring app developers, it’s important to recognize that Android-based devices currently dominate the largest slice of the market. Android itself is built largely on Java, and its popularity makes it an attractive target for app development. While it is possible to develop apps for Android without using Java, instead opting for C++ or another language of choice, doing so will significantly limit development possibilities.

Below, we’ll touch on why Java is the language of choice for many app development agencies and much of the programming world, and additionally why you should consider adopting it.

1. Java is the Native Language of Android Devices

Android devices are built with and supported by Java. While developing Android OS, Google developed their own take on the Java Virtual Machine specifically for their Android OS. This virtual machine is optimized for mobile use, without sacrificing the full capabilities of Java.

It’s possible to develop Android applications without the use of Java, however, the language chosen will be limited by the available frameworks and plugins. Performance is also a concern with other languages, with optimization issues being common. Java, on the other hand, is fully supported for Android OS, which makes it an easy choice for app development purposes.

2. Java Has an Abundance of Resources

Due to its immense popularity, Java has amassed an enormous variety of resources in order to assist with learning the language. Whether you’re just starting out, or are an experienced programmer seeking a refresher on Java, there are countless resources to choose from.

Java is commonly taught in educational institutions and is often one of the first languages beginners attempt to learn. This has resulted in resources for all different levels, which makes the daunting task of learning to program more manageable.

3. There Are Tons of Development Tools

Owing to its popularity and age, Java has a wide array of development tools ranging from fully featured and specialized IDE’s, to profilers, debuggers, troubleshooters and testing frameworks. It simply doesn’t make sense to tread difficult programming waters to solve a problem a framework could manage in seconds.

Java is a language that isn’t limited by tools, and each tool has the potential to make writing good code significantly easier. More tools are released every day, and mastering them will allow you to tap into the full scope of Javas potential.

4. Learning Java is An Investment

The popularity of Java simply cannot be understated. But this popularity isn’t without its justifications, either. Java is a language capable of accomplishing great things. Its portability is unmatched, capable of running on nearly any machine or device without sacrificing scope. It’s a high-level programming language, which essentially means that it automatically handles small technical details that other languages don’t by abstracting them away. High-level languages are among the most user-friendly languages available by design.

Java isn’t limited to developing smart device apps, or any other software for that matter. Java is capable of producing any program you have the desire and will to complete, as long as you put in the effort to master the language.

Undertaking the task of learning Java is an investment in your future. Java developers are constantly in demand, and the demand hasn’t stopped growing. Set aside some time to begin picking up Java, and before long you’ll be capable of designing major apps, or anything else your heart desires.

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