4 Ways to Wow Your Boyfriend with a Sensual Massage

You and your partner are looking to spice things up and have been exploring the idea of sensual massages. Through these massages partners seek an effective way to build intimacy with their significant others and become closer. Because you are in a consensual relationship, coverings are optional and you do not have to avoid area that are off limits in traditional massages.

While you definitely plan on letting your hands do the magic, there are certain things that can assist you in giving a massage that your partner will thoroughly enjoy. Below are must-have items when giving a sensual massage and they are guaranteed to make the experience stimulating and memorable.

1. Music

Nothing can affect someone’s mood like music. Music causes an arousal effect often connected to the beat. When it comes to relaxing, nature sounds and spa music are common choices but not when it comes to a sensual massage. There is no specific type of music especially made for sensual massages but heavy metal and hard rock music may not set the right mood. Jazz, classical, or adult contemporary is appropriate as long as it is ambient and soft.

The main objective in choosing music for your sensual massage is something that will set a relaxing mood and is enjoyable to both you and your partner. Therefore, there is no right or wrong answer to music that should be chosen. It is all based on personal preference.

2. Lighting

Will having all lights or lamps on and full-tilt in the room where your massage is taking place set the right mood? Probably not. Therefore, you need to look at options that will make the room more relaxing and warm. To achieve this, consider dimming the lights or using smaller lamps when your massage is taking place. Lighting some candles and scattering them throughout the room will also set a relaxing atmosphere.

Whichever lighting you use, make sure you and your partner can barely see each other- this will make the setting even more suggestive and after all, in this process you will be using your hands more than anything. Candles with aphrodisiacal scents will aid you both in getting in the right mood and make the massage more enjoyable.

3. Oil

Oil is a must-have in a sensual massage. Massage oils are crucial in relaxing the body and play a role in providing nutrition to the skin. You can purchase oils that are scented or ones that heat up when they come into contact with skin. Before you pour the oil all over your partner, test it out in a safe area first to ensure no allergic reactions occur.

Not only would this kill the mood, your massage may be cut short due to a trip to an emergency room. If the oil is safe to use, be sure to keep it close at hand when you are giving a massage to avoid any interruptions that will spoil the mood.

4. Good technique

You can have all of the tools for a sensual massage imaginable, but it will not be enjoyable for your partner if your massage technique is poor. There are three basis massage techniques that will give you the best chance of pleasing your partner. Compression, or pushing down, relaxes muscles before getting into a deeper technique. Long strokes spread the oil around the body and warms up the muscles, helping them to relax.

Firm strokes, or kneading, loosen up your partner’s muscles and allow you to get into deeper areas by using your thumbs and palms of your hands. Always communicate with your partner to ask what he or she likes and if there are any spots that should be focused on.

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