5 Actions You Must Take After Just Getting Fired

After 12 long years, you have finally been terminated from your position. You feel as if someone just punched you in the stomach or that you have a hole in your heart. This has been your second home for more than a decade, and it is over in an instant. Is an employment lawyer needed now?

We have all been fired at least once in our lives. Whether it was when we were arrogant teenagers or when we were the victims of downsizing, we have all been given the pink slip at one time or another.

In today’s hostile environment, businesses need to be extra careful and diligent when deciding how to trim the fat. Of course, no matter how stringent a company may be, some slip ups might occur, which also means that you may feel that you were wrongfully dismissed. Rather than acting belligerent and creating a scene out of “Jerry Maguire,” it is important to remain calm. In fact, you should follow some of these suggestions from employment lawyers who have seen and done it all in this business.

Here are five things every employment lawyer says you must do when terminated:

1. Speak with Your Employer About the Move

When you get to your desk, you notice an envelope on your keyboard. It is a letter notifying you that your services are no longer required.

Once you are given this, it is important that you request to speak with your employer, or at least someone who is in charge. Ultimately, you need discover why you were dismissed at all – this can help you conclude if you should seek the services of an employment attorney.

2. Remain Calm at All Times

Yes, every fiber of your being wants to destroy the office, tell off the supervisors you detested for all these years and take the company gold fish. But you can’t do this. It isn’t polite.

Simply put: you need to act professional and, most important of all, calm at all times.

Should you file a legal complaint down the road, acting in a magniloquent manner will hurt you.

3. Find Out if You Are Entitled to Severance

Before you leave the premises, it would be prudent to consult with human resources and ask if you will be receiving any kind of severance. Under today’s labour standards, most employees are entitled to receive anything. This is crucial – if you will be unemployed for an extended period of time, it would be great to have any sort of income aside from workman’s compensation.

4. Ask for a Letter of Reference

If you didn’t leave on bad terms, if you were fired because of downsizing and/or if you have worked for the company for several years, you should most definitely be given a letter of reference for future employers.

Indeed, this is your golden ticket to an excellent employment opportunity tomorrow or next week.

5. Stay Off Social Media for 48 Hours

Your blood may be boiling and your nostrils may be flaring. If so, here is one trick to stay out of trouble: do not access any of your social media accounts. Like anyone else would, you want to vent your frustrations, belittle the company and air your grievances. And you want the entire world to know. This is a bad idea, and will hurt your day in court should you sue the firm.

In the end, you will want to avoid Facebook and Twitter as much as possible.

Employment lawyers have seen clients who destroyed company property and who even physically assaulted their superiors because they were terminated from their jobs. This is possibly the worst thing you can do, particularly if you feel that you were wrongfully dismissed. Whether it is termination without cause or constructive dismissal, an employment attorney can help you get what you’re owed, and ensure the company doesn’t do this again to any other staffer. Again, you can only win if you stay calm and seek the professional help of an employment lawyer.

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