5 Best Uses of Goat Milk

Goat milk is becoming an increasingly popular replacement for cow milk because of its proven health benefits. Goat milk has high fatty acids, it is low in cholesterol and is easily digested.

Many people who initially thought they were lactose intolerant because of their body’s reaction after drinking cow milk, have found that goat milk does not have the same effect on them. The nutritional value of goat milk does depend on the health of the animals, the pasteurization process, and the diet of the consuming individual. For complete nutritional value, consider purchasing the goat milk formula and avoid the pasteurization process.

With the high nutritional value that goat milk has, it can be used in a variety of ways. The following are some of the best ways to utilize all the benefits that goats milk has to offer.

1. Use goat milk for daily breakfast

Goat milk is an easy replacement for cow milk in your daily breakfast. This is a great way to start your day with high nutritional value. Goat milk has a similar taste and can be a milk substitute in cereal, coffee, or even used in smoothies. Goat milk yogurt is also becoming a popular choice with a variety of options to choose from, such as Greek-style or drinkable yogurt. Goat milk can also be consumed on its own for people who enjoy a cold glass of milk. Try raw goat milk for a stronger taste and nutritional value.

2. Use for low-fat cooking

Though goat milk is high in fatty acids, it is low in cholesterol, sugars, and fat. As a result of this, it is an excellent substitute for milk, cream cheese, cream, or butter while cooking. These ingredients are high in fat which makes them hard to digest. Goat milk will provide the same consistency and flavour, but will greatly reduce the amount of fat, digestion time, and it is overall better for your health.

3. Moisturize your skin

Goat milk is becoming more known for its benefits outside of the food category. Goat milk has been used in a variety of products that focus on moisturizing your skin. Its properties of high fatty acids paired with the high triglycerides it has, the milk ingredient deeply soaks into your skin providing it with the moisture it needs. You can bathe in goat milk for a full moisturizing experience, or look for products that contain the milk as one of the main ingredients.

4. Goat milk soap

Along with its moisturizing ability, goat milk soap has many benefits for your skin. Soap products that are made from goat milk are a lot less harsh on your skin, act as a great cleanser, provide moisture and are known to create a healthy glow. Organic soap products provide the rawest nutrients for your skin because they have not been pasteurized or over-manufactured. Some are hesitant to try goat milk soap because they fear it has an unpleasant smell, but this is not the case. Goat milk soap is known to give off a very fresh and clean smell after use.

5. Replace with baby formula

For mothers who cannot or choose not to breastfeed, goat milk is an excellent alternative. Goat milk is very high in nutritional value and can provide just as many, or more, nutrients as a formula. Goat milk can be used to create a homemade formula which is a healthier and more natural option compared to manufactured store bought formula. It is recommended to use raw, opposed to pasteurized goat milk while creating a formula to ensure you are getting as many nutrients as possible.

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