5 Business Printers Tips to Make Your Office More Efficient

We are in the era of cloud computing, mobile devices, and telecommuting. Yet, workplaces all over the world depend on one important device for their day-to-day operations: printers.

Business printers remain ubiquitous in today’s office landscapes, and it will likely stay that way until the world becomes paperless. Companies spend incredible sums of money to have the top-of-the-line all-in-one printers that can withstand the high productivity levels of their offices.

Unfortunately, the office can experience a down day should the business printer shut down, undergo hiccups, or suffer printing inadequacies. How can you avoid this problem?

Maintenance, of course! By simply incorporating a series of maintenance measures into your daily operations, you can ensure that you won’t have an unproductive day that will cost you plenty of hours lost, a drop in earnings, and diminished productivity.

Here are five business printer tips to make your office more efficient:

1. Show Some Love to Your Business Printer

What is the best way to show some love to your business printer? Maintain it!

Dust the interior and exterior of your business printer. Change the ink cartridge and toner when it is empty. Replace or repair parts if they are not working properly. Inspect it every week.

These are the best ways to show your business printer that you appreciate its daily grind.

2. Have Any Software? Update It Regularly!

Every business printer has software. Like the software on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, it needs to be updated frequently, which is especially true if it operates on a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth system. You will be notified if the printer software needs updating, so just pay attention.

See an update? Hit OK!

3. Don’t be Fancy with Your Printing Needs

Whether you want to expand its lifespan or you want to cut down on costs, then there is a rudimentary solution: don’t be fancy with your printing needs.

In other words, don’t print in colour if you don’t need to, print on both sides of the paper, and implement an office-wide schedule for printing (9 a.m. to 12 p.m., and 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.).

These may not seem like much, but it can enhance the efficacy of your printer and even trim unnecessary expenses in your budget.

Yes, it can be difficult to incorporate these steps, but repetition can help you get accustomed.

4. Be Smart Where You Locate the Machine

A business printer can suffer a wide array of problems if it is situated in a hot and dry location. It can also be negatively affected by a barrage of human traffic, as well as radiators and heaters.

Here are two solutions to consider adding to your workspace:

  • Place the business printer in an unobtrusive corner of the office.
  • Install a fan or air cooler in the vicinity of the business printer.
  • Be sure to place the business printer in an area where it isn’t hot or dry.

With these simple methods, your $1,500 investment won’t go down the drain.

5. Read the Manual Once in a While

Let’s be honest: many of us neglect to read the instruction manual from the manufacturer. This happens – we’re only human. But you should take the time to read the manual once in a while.

Why? Because you will learn things about your business printer that you weren’t aware of before, whether it’s the type of printing paper to use or the features to take advantage of.

Manuals can be a headache: they’re in tiny print, sometimes written in Latin, and too thorough.

Every few months or so, pick up the manual and peruse it from front to back.

Although we are routinely informed that offices are going paperless, the reality of the situation is that businesses are petrified of relying entirely on a hard drive, cloud sharing, and digital storage. Can you blame them considering all of the security infiltrations?

Until you go paperless, you will need a business printer. By incorporating the sublime game plans, you can have peace of mind that your business printer will last a long time.

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