5 Design Ideas to Renovate Your Dining Room

Dining rooms are often filled with family heirlooms such as your grandma’s china cabinet, or a table from your parents. Some of these family pieces that need a place in the dining room are even just be the settings on your table; antique saltshakers, brass candle sticks, or silverware that needs polishing every now and then. The question now becomes, how do you incorporate these treasured items into your modern lifestyle and design preferences?

Here are five great ways to finish your modern dining room with well-loved family treasures.

1. Have a focal point  

In order to maintain a modern design in your home, you want to compliment your modern pieces with an antique focal point. You could select a glass table with sleek dining chairs and use something such as an antique china cabinet to showcase some of your most impressive dishware. Choosing one piece of antique furniture ensures that it serves as an accent rather than setting the tone of the room.

2. Update furniture

There are so many possibilities now for updating and refurbishing furniture hand me downs. For instance, try updating a long table by painting the legs a harvest colour, such as black or a dark navy, or paint the head chairs. You can use chalk based paints that require minimal effort to transform an old piece of furniture and modernize it with trendy colours and a more current touch.

Another option is to simply change the hardware on a piece of furniture; upgrading drawer handles can completely change the look of piece.

3. Use accent decor

If what you are truly after is a modern dining room and modern dining experience, then you may want to stick with more current and trendy pieces of furniture to fill the space.

Consider using accent decor such as a horizontal statement mirror, beautiful candle sticks or elegant silverware that has been passed down to you as a way of bringing a timeless feel into your home. This maintains the integrity of your modern design but enhances the nostalgic tradition of sharing meals with loved family and friends.

4. Choose neutral paint colours

Choosing a neutral and simple wall colour, you can allow for more interesting antique elements into your dining space. By keeping the walls and flooring simple, you are able to maintain a sentiment of simple modern design and you will not overshadow the beautiful antique furniture that deserves to be showcased.

5. Lighting is everything

Every dining room deserves a chandelier. The lightning in the dining room completely sets the tone for the experience you will create as a host. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or twenty family members, your lightning will provide the context for the conversation and enjoyment to be had by all. If you are looking to mix elements of modern and traditional design, consider selecting a chandelier that contrasts the overall feel of the room. A classical crystal chandelier in a modern dining room is unexpected and provides a gorgeous focal point.

Use these tips and tricks to create a seamless confluence of your treasured antiques and your twenty-first century taste. Do not be afraid to pull in different dining room furniture pieces to see how they work in your room. This might change the ambiance that you are hoping to achieve. The dining room represents a place of gathering and cherished traditions to bring together the people you love. Incorporating design elements that are sentimental of our many enjoyed experiences over the dining room table will surely increase your love of the room.

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