5 Guidelines to Navigate Through Immigration

Moving to a new country is always a challenge. Even if you pass the immigration process, you still need to work at adjusting to cultural differences, different weather, and a new language. Immigration can seem like a daunting task, but life in a new country comes with many benefits.

Taking the immigration process seriously gives you the best chance of being accepted. This blog post looks at five different tips that will help you navigate the immigration process.

1. Plan For Delays

The immigration process is long, tedious and rarely goes as planned. It may be years before your application is processed. If you’re already in a new country by way of a green card or immigration visa, it’s important you stay on top of renewals in case of delays in the immigration process.

Even if your application is filed and you’re just waiting for a response, you can still be deported if your temporary immigration documents have expired. Being patient and proactive is an absolute must when dealing with immigration. Planning for delays will make completing the immigration process a much easier task.

2. Keep Copies Of All Your Paperwork

Part of the reason immigration takes so long is the massive amounts of paperwork. Every day tons of paperwork is lost and misplaced in immigration offices. Keeping track of your paperwork is your full responsibility if you’re going to stay organized. Always send your applications and paperwork via certified mail with a return receipt. It’s also a good idea to keep duplicate copies of your documents stored in a safe place.

3. Be Picky About The Sources You Get Your Information From

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who despite being unqualified, enjoy advising on immigration. There are a ton of common rumors, myths, and beliefs about immigration that can steer you down the wrong path. Each individual has their own life circumstances which change how the immigration process will affect them. Although your friends and family may mean well, you need to consult with a certified professional before taking any advice.

In addition to consulting with certified professionals, you should also do your own research and brings your own answers to the table. Doing your research makes it easier for you to ask powerful questions that will get you the specific answers you need.

4. Spend Some Time Improving Your English And Computer Skills

There’s no downside to improving your English skills while waiting for your immigration application to be processed. Having an above average familiarity with the English language makes you a desirable candidate to potential employers. Improving your English goes hand in hand with getting familiar with the computer.

You should know how to create and send out your resume and look for jobs using the Internet. Putting in the extra time and effort in learning English and improving your computer skills will help ease your transition to life in Canada.

5. Consult With An Immigration Lawyer

Working with an immigration lawyer is the best way to protect yourself during the immigration process. When looking for a lawyer, look for someone who speaks your native language. Speaking the same language as your lawyer makes understanding the nuances and complexities of the immigration process much easier.

Immigration lawyers can also guide you on the best way to approach your application. They can help you find visas and programs that you qualify for that make the immigration process much easier. If you’ve had applications denied before, it’s a good idea to consult with an immigration lawyer so they can guide you on things you’re doing wrong with your application and how to improve.

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