5 Novice Tips for Electric Bike Enthusiasts

An electric bike is a great and a green way to get around almost any town or city. They are a modified bicycle that has pedals like a regular bike. But they also have an electric motor, usually in the form of a hub motor, mid-drive motor or belt drive connected to the rear wheel. This allows you to pedal the bike or when you get tired, to access the power of the motor drive system to keep you going. They work by charging the battery and then twisting a throttle, pulling a trigger or pedalling the bike forward to get the motor going. The new electric bikes are more powerful than ever. They have no trouble getting up hills that you just couldn’t make on your own.

1. Electric bike basics

You can ride your electric bike anywhere that you can ride a regular bicycle. That means you can operate it on any road way or park and commute to work or go to the grocery store. You have to obey the rules of the road and cannot travel on any highway or restricted roads. But you can still ride along any bike pathway that are now popping up in major cities and towns. You don’t need a license to ride an electric bike on the road. You also are not required to have insurance or to register your electric bike with the authorities. Riding an electric bike is the same as a normal bike. Pedal when you want and use the motor when you don’t want to pedal any more.

2. Charging up the battery

Electric bikes do not recharge when you are pedalling them. That’s just an urban myth perpetuated by the electric bike manufacturers. You have to recharge the battery when you are not using the electric bike. It takes about 4 hours to fully recharge an electric bike battery. But the first 80 percent of the battery charges up quickly so that you can use it again in about an hour and a half. If you store your battery properly and top it up after each bike ride, you should be good to go almost any time.

3. Benefits of electric bikes

There are a great many benefits of owning and using an electric bike. They can be a valuable means of commuting to work or school. They certainly save money in buying fuel and operating a motor vehicle, and many people find that riding their electric bikes actually saves them time as well. You can use your electric bike as a means of transportation or just for fun. Many people like to use their electric bikes to help them get up long, steep hills. Then, they just cruise back down on their own power.

4. What is pedal assist mode?

Pedal assist mode is a special feature on some electric bikes that only allows the motor to be activated when the person is pedalling. That allows the user to fully control when the motor is in use and lets them have their hands free to hold onto the handlebars and operate the brakes when necessary. It also helps electric bike riders get more exercise, even when the electric motor is doing most of the hard work. Pedal assist is an option that can help riders be safer on the road and stay in better health too.

5. Good for the environment

There is no question that electric bikes are good for the environment. It takes many more cars off the road and reduces both harmful emissions and the use of gasoline and other fossil fuels. They take much less energy to build, operate and maintain. Why not go green with an electric bike?

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