5 Precautionary Measures If You Think You’ll Be Fired

If you believe that you are about to be fired, there are many things that you can do to be proactive about the situation rather than sitting back and allowing it to happen.

By being proactive about this potential situation, you have the opportunity to make the outcome more favorable. Though it may be too late to save your job, the following tips can help you protect yourself from a potentially difficult situation.

Consider the following tips if you think you are about to be fired.

1. Remain calm and collected in the workplace

While this time can be confusing, stressful and cause your emotions to run high, it is important that you remain calm and collected in the workplace. As your future with the company is uncertain until you receive the news of being fired, it is important that you continue to act as professional as possible.

Continue to build relationships and do your best work as, if you are fired, you will need to rely on the relationships that you build for recommendations during your job search. During the uncertainty and potential firing process, try to maintain your emotions and continue to create positive relationships.

2. Listen and attend all meetings

It can be tempting to put off the dreaded meeting but it is important that you stay active and available to your employer. During all group and private meetings, be sure to attend and actively listen. Gaining a better understanding of what the current situation within the company is and the company culture, will benefit you in the long run. Understanding these factors can help you and a lawyer build a case for you if you were fired unjustly.

3. Document everything

While attending meetings, ensure that you document everything. Keep copies of emails that hint at or mention the company situation or your potential firing. Documenting everything will help build a case against your employer to earn you a more favorable outcome. These documents will also ensure that the company cannot claim that you quit.

After an important verbal conversation, consider writing a summary and getting the participating party to sign and agree on what was discussed. Documentation is the strongest way to build and prove your case. If you are fired, prior to leaving the office, take a hard and/or soft copy of all important documents.

4. Begin your job hunt

If you believe that you are being fired, it is often the case that you are also not happy with your current position. It is never too early to begin your job hunt and, in some cases, it can be more appealing to hire a currently employed person than a recently fired one. If you are able to find a position, you may be able to skip the firing and unemployed process altogether.

With that being said, being fired is not a hindrance to your future job hunt, especially if you are able to maintain strong relationships and gain references from past employers.

5. Seek professional advice

While enduring the uncertainty that occurs when you believe you are being fired, consider seeking professional advice. An employment lawyer can help you obtain the most favorable outcome that will benefit your situation during this difficult time. A lawyer can review the situation with you, advise you on options, and ensure that you understand all documentation and next steps.

The best time to contact an employment lawyer is when you have reason to believe that you are being fired. This is so they can assist you from the beginning of this process and ensure that you receive all that you are owed.

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