5 Product Packaging Tips to Elevate Your Brand

If you read marketing blogs, then you have likely read the numerous case studies pertaining to the Dollar Shave Club advertising campaign. It definitely changed the marketing landscape.

When you’re a smaller brand, it can oftentimes feel intimidating competing with the bigger, more well-known brands. If there is anything we have learned in today’s marketplace, it is that anyone can not only survive but also thrive. A viral video campaign, a smart hashtag, or a unique package design, one little thing can transform your brand into a household name.

Heinz, Calvin Klein, or Samsung. Your startup can be a success, and it can happen either overnight in a couple of years. Perseverance is key, and so is creativity.

And it begins with your product packaging. Unsure what to do? Let’s examine the situation.

Here are five product packaging tips to compete with the big boys:

1. What do Your Customers Want?

As a startup, you’re just beginning to get to know your customers. You have yet to initiate and maintain a strong rapport, but this is something you will need to concentrate on, particularly when you focus on developing your product packaging.

Once you realize who your clients really are, you can tailor the product packaging to their needs, desires, and preferences. For instance, if you have a senior clientele, then you likely don’t want bulky, heavy, and complicated packaging. Or, if your customers are younger, then perhaps it should be colourful, creative, and modern.

In the end, you should always: what do the customers want?

2. Simplify, Man, Simplify!

The product packaging has limited real estate for words. Although you might want to add logos, colours, and shapes, you need to remember the old adage: simple is more, especially with words.

Simply put: simplify, simplify, simplify!

When it comes to the language you use, you must get straight to the point and get your message across. Otherwise, you’re wasting valuable real estate for something else.

3. Remain Relevant in an Evolving Market

It is true that it can be difficult to stay relevant in an ever-changing marketplace. Since you have designed your product’s packaging a few months ago, it can be difficult to adapt to a new craze or trend. But that is something you need to do.

Unsure what to do? Well, as long as you aren’t uttering words like “rad,” referring to the Macarena, or using designs that were cool in the 1990s, then your packaging should be fine.

4. Think About the Location of Sale

During the design stage of your product packaging, there is one important element that you need to hone in on: the location where you’re selling your items.

A supermarket. A department store. A clothing retailer. Wherever your product is being sold in, you need to think about how your product packaging can correlate with the setting. And this ties in to the first point: the clientele of this brick-and-mortar establishment.

5. Maximize Your Packaging Opportunities

Like we said, your product packaging has valuable real estate. You can really take advantage of the box: your social media information, a coupon for future savings, or even allowing your box to serve as a storage container (customers love when packaging is eco-friendly).

If you maximize your packaging opportunities, then you can rein in your costs, too.

The way you package your products has transformed in recent decades. What was once pouring soup into a tin can with a white label has morphed into pouring soup into a tin can with plenty of detail and imagery on the label. It’s incredible when you think about it.

As a smaller brand, it is up to you how you stand out from the crowd. There is a myriad of avenues you can take, but one of them is your product packaging, which can make your brand into an overnight sensation.

Jeremiah Bradford

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