5 Shopping Guidelines for Packaging Supplies

Packaging supplies can make or break a product. Finding the right packaging supplies for your business is now of the utmost important in a marketplace where consumers have a limited attention span and the style of the supplies used to package your product can help compel the consumer to make a more effective purchase decision.

It’s the reason that many companies are now working with trusted packaging supplies designers and manufacturers to build packaging that is unique to the brand and that will resonate in the marketplace.

In choosing quality packaging supplies for your business, it’s important to take the following five questions into full consideration.

1. What is the Timeline for the Purchase?

One of the foremost considerations when evaluating packaging supplies for your company is the timeline for the purchase process. If you’re expecting a significant number of products to be shipped in the next few weeks, you might have to take on the purchase of packaging supplies on an emergency basis. Make sure the supplier recognizes your timeline and can respond with the ideal products for your purchase requirements.

2. What are the transportation requirements?

Does your product have specific transportation requirement that might need to be take into consideration within your choice of packaging supplies? Many business leaders take on the supplies selection process only to find out that they require additional packaging products within the interior of the box to keep the product secure. Speak with your manufacturing team about the product’s durability to find out about the full range of packaging supplies you may need for the interior of the box.

For example, you might require heavy-duty triple wall boxes for products delivered with small pieces. You might also have to take weather resistance into consideration, to protect the product against damage due to changing temperature and moisture.

3. What are the physical traits of the product?

Many companies only find out that their product is susceptible to damage from sunlight when they begin receiving complaints at a later data. This is an example of why it’s important to identify the physical traits of the product and review the potential for product degradation when evaluating packaging options. Small clear windows within the packaging can lead to light degradation in some cases, and some food products require specific packaging to prevent spoilage on the store shelf. Working with the production team to identify these physical traits can help to minimize problems with the packaging in the future.

4. Does the product require warehousing supplies?

Warehousing supplies are an important consideration for products that will spend a significant amount of time in storage before being shipped to the customer or retail store. For example, if you’re expecting your product to be stored in an environment where moisture is present you may wish to use silica gel packets within your supplies.

These packets help soak up moisture and keep the product in the ideal condition for delivery. It’s a particular consideration for companies within the clothing industry.

5. How can we reduce costs on packaging in the long-term?

Perhaps the most important question to consider when evaluating packaging supplies is “how can the firm reduce its supplies costs in the coming years?”. The first step is to work with a trusted packaging company. Make sure that the company is committed to offering the ideal custom packaging built according your precise needs. You can then ensure that fewer changes have to be made, and reduce your expenditure.

Find a team of packaging experts are here to guide you on how to make the right choice for your products. To discover more on this important topic, call us today.

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