5 Shopping Tips for New Motorcycle Gear

If you have been on the roads lately, then you have likely noticed a lot more motorcycles. And this has certainly garnered your interest. Are you bored of driving a box on wheels? Perhaps it is time that you get your motorcycle’s license, purchase a new bike, and head on the open road.

There is one thing you’ll need, though: the right motorcycle gear! Not only do you need the best gear to ensure you’re safe riding on a bike on the highway, busy street, or side road, you need to select the right gear for your comfort. Indeed, if you’re not comfortable, then it may impact your overall riding experience.

What should you be looking for?

Here are five tips for selecting motorcycle gear:

1. Always Try on the Gear First

It can be enticing to shop for your motorcycle gear online – there are plenty of deals around – but when you’re just joining the motorcycle crusade, you need to physically buy your supplies.

Rather than heading to Amazon or eBay, you should head over to a brick-and-mortar shop that sells your motorcycle clothing needs. By doing this, you can try it on, see what fits, determine what will work, and find out what’s comfortable and what isn’t.

Remember, always try on the gear first before you buy it.

2. You Should Desire Ventilation

When it is a hot day outside, you will inevitably desire some ventilation in your biking gear. Of course, you will want to be kept closed and warm (see below) during the winter months, but between May and September (or even October), you will want some fresh air hitting your skin, keeping you cool, and allowing you to enjoy your ride.

3. But You Also Need Some Closure

That said, it is also essential to have closure in your boots, pants, jacket, and helmet. When there are subzero temperatures, heavy rainfall, or strong winds, the last thing you’ll want is the cool air touching your body.

In the end, ensure the motorcycle gear has zippers and buttons to shield you from the cold.

4. Is the Gear Visible to Others?

Yes, when you watch certain action motion pictures, you notice how cool some of the motorcycle owners are as they wear black jackets, black helmets, black pants, and black boots.

However, this is not too practical since you want your fellow motorists on the road to clearly see you. If you are covered in black in the middle of the night or early in the morning, then the odds of being struck by a vehicle are quite high.

You want something a bit brighter, or at least noticeable by groggy or careless drivers.

5. Pockets Are Key for Motorcycle Riders

If there is one thing you seek in your motorcycle gear it is this: pockets.

Indeed, it may not seem important now, but the more you ride your bike, the more you will realize that pockets are crucial. By having pockets, you have convenience, both interior and exterior, because now you can access something you might need, like a wallet or insurance. Just make sure that the pockets are waterproof.

Motorcycles offer you an incredible ride either on an open road or on a bumper-to-bumper highway. But to ensure that your daily or weekly rides are fun, safe, and exciting, you will need the right gear. So, equip yourself with the knowledge to select the best gear possible, whether it is a jacket or a helmet. Shop around, do your research, and ask fellow riders for suggestions.

And, yes, just because you’re concentrating on safety, it doesn’t mean you can’t look cool, too.

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