5 Tips for Writing Your First Accounting Resume

Now that you have finished school, you are all set to put all that accounting theory into practice. You are raring to go, but there is only one problem. It seems that all of the jobs that you are looking to apply for require either more than one year of experience, or there is such stiff competition for each available position that you find yourself lost in the crowd of other equally qualified, entry level accountants.

This is a very frustrating position to be in. However, there are some simple tricks and tips that will allow you to ensure that your resume stands out from the crowd. Following these tips will allow you to get noticed by finance recruiters, rise to the top of their prospects list, and get the job that you deserve.

1.Take a breath, take you time

It is important that you don’t rush the writing of your resume. The accounting position that you are applying for is going to be attractive to many people just like you, so you need to make sure that your resume is perfect and that you have not made any mistakes. Even the smallest typo or formatting error is enough to ensure that your resume is not advanced past the first reading of it.

Taking the time to proofread it just a couple more times, then maybe have a friend or family member review it, can make all of the difference. The last thing that you want is to put all this effort in for it to just fall apart due to one simple mistake that could have been easily avoided with just a little more care and attention.

2. Understand the position

While it may be easy to think that all of the accounting jobs are the same, as with any job application, you need to make sure that you fully understand the role that you are applying for. Your resume is an opportunity to demonstrate to the employer that you have fully understood exactly what the job will entail and that you have the required expertise to perform well. Putting the extra effort in now will also pay off when you reach the interview stage as you will be able to speak their language and connect with the hiring manager.

3. Show what you have done, not just what you are trained to do

Your career objectives will not make you stand out as much as you think. The hiring manager has probably seen a great deal of resumes from candidates that are very similar. You can make yourself stand out by showing off some of the skills that you do possess, even if the skills are not evidenced in a past accounting role, you should think about skills that you have developed in other roles that can carry over such as working in a team, and customer service.

4. Use the right keywords

Make sure that your resume and cover letter include a number of these highly sought-after key words and phrases such as cash flow analysis, financial compliance, auditing, venture capital and investment strategies to name but a few. When in doubt, just read through the job description and pull from there.

5. Get a professional email address

This may be an obvious one, and it is certainly not unique to the accounting field. It always amazes hiring managers just how many applicants will have an email address that is wholly inappropriate for applying for work. All it takes is a few minutes to have an email address that has your name and avoids any underscores or numbers and you will be all set.

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