5 Tips to Vacuum More Effectively

Vacuuming is a pretty straightforward task. All that’s required is for you to simply plug in your vacuum and start cleaning the desired area. However, there are a few pointers you can use to make your vacuuming efforts more effective.

By paying attention to the details surrounding vacuuming, you’ll make the whole process much easier on yourself. Check out the following five suggestions to help you make vacuuming more effective!

1. Make Use Of Your Attachments

Chances are your vacuum came with a bunch of attachments, but don’t feel bad if you’re not using them. If you’re anything like most people, your vacuum attachments look like more trouble than they’re worth. Besides, you can get a good clean just by using the basic vacuum right?

Well actually, your vacuum attachments are there to make life easier. Cleaning shelves, light fixtures, and baseboards become much easier when you use your vacuum accessories. Using the brush that comes with your vacuum is excellent for cleaning super dusty surfaces such as lampshades or ceiling fans. Don’t be afraid of your vacuum’s attachment’s, once you learn how to use them; they’ll save you a ton of effort.

2. Dust Before Vacuuming

One of the most frequent errors people make is dusting after they vacuum. Dusting needs to be done beforehand since all the dust you’re moving will fall on the floor. When you dust after you vacuum, all you’re doing is reintroducing the allergens to your carpet. Make sure you dust before, so your hard work isn’t wasted.

3. Stick To A Regular Schedule

Regular cleaning makes your vacuuming efforts much more effective. Going long periods without vacuuming makes it easier for layers of dust and allergens to build up in your carpet. Vacuuming at least weekly will help make your vacuuming session shorter and more efficient. If the areas you have to clean are high traffic, you’ll have to increase your cleaning frequency.

4. Make Multiple Passes Over The Same Spot

According to a carpet-cleaning test from Consumer Reports, you need to make at least a dozen passes to remove all debris from a section of your carpet. Making 12 passes is definitely overkill but the more passes you make, the cleaner your carpet gets. If you only run your vacuum over your carpet once or twice, you’ll still leave behind a ton of material embedded in your carpet. Make a few extra passes before moving on to the next area of your carpet.

5. Avoid Vacuuming With A Dirty Filter

Vacuuming isn’t just about removing signs of visible dirt; it’s also for eliminating microscopic allergens that live in your carpet and reducing the amount of dust in your home. If you vacuum with a dirty filter, it’s much harder to get rid of the allergens in your carpet efficiently. Vacuum filters quickly get clogged with grime, which reduces how efficient your vacuum operates. You should change your filters around every six months for maximum vacuum performance. Another thing to keep in mind is to empty your bag before it gets full.

If you wait until your bag is all the way full, your vacuum will lose significant amounts of suction power. Keeping your bag light and filters clean is an excellent way to keep your vacuum cleaner operating at a high level.

In addition to following these tips, it’s also a good idea to get an occasional deep clean of your carpet to make your vacuuming sessions more effective. Remember to make use of your attachments and ensure you take proper care of your filters. A little bit of extra preparation will make vacuuming much easier!

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