5 Visitor Tracking Techniques for Digital Marketing

In this day and age, digital marketing and online presence are key factors in the success of a business. About 95% of a website’s daily visitors will leave the site without actually making contact with the site’s administrators, so keeping track of exactly how much interest your pages are garnering can be a task that only the use of visitor tracking software can accomplish.

Perhaps you are still not fully sold and would like to know more about the benefits that come along with using this software? Luckily, this guide will walk through the top five reasons why you should be using visitor tracking software on your website.

1. Identifying Your Visitors

If your site gains a faithful following, some users may visit several times a day. While that is a good thing and shows promise for your endeavour, you still probably want to keep up with how many new visitors you get a day. With the application of visitor tracking software, you can actually track the IP addresses of the users who visit the site. This allows you to easily examine each visitor and determine whether they have been there before or not.

2. Identifying Companies

Going with the theme of the previous entry, you can also acknowledge which companies or which of their employees are taking an interest in your site. Also, you can actually interface with LinkedIn, which allows you to take a closer look at visiting companies and their employees. This way, you can see how compatible their business and your site is, paving the way for possible leads into follow up advertising, which can be very beneficial to both parties involved.

3. Identifying Sources

While unexpected spikes in visitors are always welcomed and encouraged, it can possibly leave you saying, “Where the heck are all of you people coming from?!” It’s a very good idea to know exactly where those spikes originate from, whether it be an online forum, an email chain, or a social media mention.

Once you do realize where those people are coming from, it gives you an idea of where you can better focus your advertising efforts. Visitor tracking software will reveal exactly where your visitors are linked from, which is incredibly beneficial for those special moments of unexpected rush hour internet traffic.

4. Visitor Activity Monitoring

Naturally, tracking your visitors will allow to see which pages they are interested with. This allows you to easily determine what really works for your visitors and what pages generally do not get a lot of attention, thus allowing you to prune any dead weight from the site. Doing this allows you to create a more streamlined, focused experience without so much needless clutter to worry about. That way you can pay closer attention to the topics and pages that people truly appreciate.

5. Visitor Device Monitoring

Have you ever tried to visit one of your favourite sites on your phone only to discover that there is only a desktop site available? While it does happen sometimes, it isn’t often that this happens, as visitor tracking software can monitor what devices are primarily used to visit the site.

If most users visit on mobile, then you can focus on creating a more mobile friendly site for them to land on. However, if the visitors are primarily on desktop, then a mobile site may not be in your best interest to invest in at the moment. That’s okay, though, as you can continue to monitor progress until a mobile site is needed! All you have to do is keep a good eye on that statistic as time progresses.

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