6 Design Elements for Your Leather Luggage

Luggage is an essential item to have when travelling. It holds all your personal and professional belongings safely and conveniently. In the current market, there is a wide variety of leather luggage and suitcases available.

Travellers have their pick of soft, hard, and aluminum style cases. They can also choose their own colour, design, and size of bag.  With so many choices available, it can be hard to decide which one to get. These tips will surely help you!


Bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes to help you pack your personal belongings. Before choosing a bag size, think about where you are going, how often you are going to need your bag, what you will need or want to pack, and your mode of transportation. Some bags are more difficult to move because they do not fit in storage areas with limited space.

2. Colour

Many people are looking for luggage that is not a common colour or design. Today, you can choose to between a variety of colours and designs. In high traffic areas, this helps your bag stand out from the masses, making it more difficult for someone to mistake your bag with theirs. Colourful, artistic cases also allow you to show your personality and individuality with the world. You can choose a solid colour, pattern, flag, or image on your travel bags.

3. Type of Case

Luggage is made from a variety of materials. Some have hard shells, while others are made of soft fabric. There are pro’s and cons to each type of luggage. Before purchasing your travelling bags, it is important to know what types are available and how they could best suit your needs. The most common types of luggage include:

4. Soft Shell

Soft shell cases are very versatile and easy to transport. They can fit into most trunks or luggage storage areas in residential, commercial, and transportation facilities.  Because of the extra pockets, this type of case is easy to organize. You can place your items in different compartments for easy access. Most cases have extenders so you can increase your space for more packing room. On the negative side, they are less secure because they are easy to cut and are prone to wear and tear.

5. Hard Shell

Hard shell luggage is more secure than soft materials suitcases. They are more difficult to damage and because they do not have exterior pockets, items cannot be stolen or hidden unknowingly in the owner’s bag. These cases are made with lightweight, strong materials so they do not tear easily. The cases are very spacious so users have plenty of room to pack their personals.

One of the biggest drawbacks to these suitcases is their size. They do not fit as easily into storage compartments and can be challenging to transport in certain areas or places.

6. Aluminum Cases

These sophisticated cases are extremely durable and, if properly cared for, can last forever. The design is very trendy and professional, something many globetrotters like. Aluminum is a light weight metal so cases are easy to lift and move. They have spacious interiors to pack a lot of products. They are very sturdy and secure so they are more difficult to pry open or break. Aluminum luggage is also more water resistant than other types of cases, keeping your belongings safer in humid areas.

Choosing the right luggage will not only keep your belongings safe and secure, but will help make your trips more enjoyable.

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