6 Design Ideas to Renovate Your Outdoor Space

It’s incredibly easy to get overwhelmed when planning your outdoor space which is why having a plan is crucial. Planning your outdoor space ahead of time helps you avoid blowing your budget and ensures you get what you want out of your space. This blog post looks at six different areas to consider when planning your outdoor space!

1. Get Clear On What You Want To Use The Space For

Getting a good idea of what you want the space to accomplish is an excellent way to save yourself time and money. If you have small children, you’ll probably prioritize open space in your design. If you’re on your own, the entertaining is likely to be more of a priority. Decide what the main use of your outdoor space will be and continue from there.

Once you get clear on what you want from the outdoor space, you can look at things like size and how much space you have to work with. During the planning phase, it’s a good idea to get measurements of your yard and bring pictures to the hardware store. 

2. Break Your Plan Up In Stages According To Your Budget

Once you know what you want to do, you’ll need to budget for your project. You likely aren’t going to be able to afford everything in your plan at once so you’ll have to prioritize. Furniture and plants will probably be a high priority when starting from scratch whereas building your ideal patio can be done over time.

Landscape advisors can help you prioritize your plan. Many landscape companies have questionnaires designed to help you objectively think about how you like to use your outdoor space. This can be a useful exercise to help you decide in what order to execute your plan.

3. Create A Space With A View

Your outdoor furniture should be orientated to give your guests something to look at. If you’re a gardener, you can show off your hard work by making your garden a focal point in your outdoor space. Fireplaces and fire pits also make excellent focal points. The seating area of your outdoor space should be oriented around the special highlights of your yard. 

4. Buy Patio Furniture That Doubles As Storage

Storage is a valuable asset for any outdoor space. Extra storage helps you fit a lot of stuff into a small space. You can buy couches and patio furniture that lift up, which will give you space to store pool toys and other outdoor tools. Benches are also ideal for adding extra seats and storage to your space.

5. Consider Your Access To Power & Water

Power and water are crucial amenities for any modern outdoor space. When making your plans, ensure that it’s easy to get power and water to your seating and cooking areas.  Structures that use lights, motorized canopies, retractable awnings and other outdoor tools are all examples of things in your outdoor space that need power. Don’t leave power as a detail to deal with at the last minute. If you forget to plan for power, you’ll have to pay an electrician extra to trench power out to your space.

6. Don’t Let Rain Ruin Your Party

Awnings gazebos, pergolas, and large umbrellas all provide stylish sheltered retreats. You’ll need something in your plans to protect you from the elements. It’s also important to have some shelter for super hot days to get away from the sun. Even if it’s only a few large umbrellas, don’t forget to find a way to include some shade in your outdoor space.

Making your plans ahead of time helps you maximize your budget and create an exciting outdoor space. It’s easy to get excited and paint yourself into a corner with ideas you can’t execute. Don’t be afraid to consult outdoor living companies about your plans for your backyard. Use the tips in this blog post to help keep yourself on track!

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