6 Exciting Pizza Themed Parties for Adults

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore! The late Dean Martin immortalized this popular food staple in one of his biggest songs. Today, several decades later, pizza is still one of the most popular food staples on the market. Many restaurants and food companies have built their successful enterprises solely on making and selling different varieties of this edible pie in the sky.

Pizzas is a favourite menu choice for many parties and group gatherings. It can taste particularly delicious when you are cooking with an outdoor pizza oven. Yummy! Whether you are hosting a child’s birthday party, a sports event with the pals, a group dinner, or an work meeting pizza pies are the common go-to food for almost any occasion. Pizza can also be a great theme for adult get togethers. For those thinking of inviting friends over for an evening of fun, these pizzeria themed parties will be a huge success.

1. Build-A-Pizza

Set up a table loaded with different toppings, sauces and cheeses, then let your group have fun building their own flat pie meal. Make single servings to eat or share the recipe with the whole group for a new and exciting dining experience.

For the vegetarians in your entourage, offer cauliflower dough instead of bread bottoms for a different taste. Set up another area to make dessert pizzas after the main meal. Your group can experiment with different toppings for a delicious sweet treat.

2. Pizza Potluck

Everyone has their favourite type of pizza they like including adding certain toppings and seasonings to their food. What better way to sample the different varieties of this fan favourite than to invite everyone to bring their own personal best for everyone to enjoy. Encourage some groups to bring main course dishes while others can bring the sweeter types for an after meal treat.

3. Pizza and a Movie

For those who want to enjoy a fun movie night together, rather than serve up the standard popcorn and chips, enjoy a cheese pie instead. Bake or order several different flat pies to sample while watching the latest video on demand with your best pals.

4. Pizza Pyjama Party

Who says kids are the only ones that can have fun hosting a sleepover party. Invite your closest friends and family over, ask everyone to wear their most comfortable onesie or pj’s and dine on the cheesy moons late into the night while playing games, watching your favoured flick and chatting well into the wee hours of the night.

5. Pizza Barbeques

Now that the weather is getting warmer, people are starting to spend more time outside. Next time you invite your pals over for a barbeque, rather than throw the usual burgers, hotdogs, or meat onto the grill, toss a rounded, saucy and well topped flatbread on the hot surface instead. Add a whole new level of tasty goodness to this classic food staple by cooking it on the barbeque instead of in the oven. You and your group can savour a flavourful meal while enjoying the warm weather together.

6. Pamper and Pizza Night

Everyone needs to be pampered occasionally so why not combine a night of mani-pedi’s, facials, and massages with pizza and wine. Indulge your senses with a complete head-to-toe spa treatment, then spoil your palate by topping your party off with a delicious dinner of bite size pizza morsels and your favourite beverage.

Pizza is a well loved classic food staple for many households. With the endless topping choices and recipe options, every bite can be a new experience for your taste buds.

It is the perfect meal to add to many group or single settings, including fun adult themed get togethers with your friends.

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