7 Cool Features About Futons

Are you thinking of purchasing a futon? Whether you are looking for a primary bed or something convertible, for a multi-purpose room, futons are affordable and versatile; the perfect choice for any living space.

You may have pre-conceived ideas about the comfort and usability of futons but here are a few things you may not know:

1. Originated in Japan

The Japanese have used futons for centuries, in the form of hand-crafted, padded mattresses (shikibuton) and quilts (kakebuton). While North American futons are thicker, sturdier and usually include frames, Japanese futons are meant to be rolled up and put away each morning, freeing up space for other uses. Many Japanese still use futons today, especially in homes with tatami flooring. Traditional tatami flooring is made from rice straw and used to be the flooring of choice. Now, many new homes still have at least one tatami room.

2. Comfortable

You might remember futons, from your college days, as lumpy, uneven mattresses on cheap, metal, tubular frames. Fortunately, there are many sophisticated and much more comfortable options available today. While futons are quite firm, by nature, you can purchase plush-top mattresses, add mattress covers or add a second futon for more comfort.

3. Great for Every-day Use

Not just for your guest room or the college dorm, a futon made with quality materials can provide great support as your primary bed too. Traditionally, futons were made with cotton, but now, just as with regular mattresses, a variety of materials (polyester, foam, inner spring, and memory foam) can be utilized. Whether you need a multi-function futon to save on space, use a full-time platform for your mattress, or choose a Japanese-style mattress to roll out on the floor, futons make a great choice for sleeping, every night.

4. Customizable

When you are purchasing a futon, you can select a design that totally meets your unique needs. Futon chairs convert to small, twin beds and couches come in double, queen and more rarely, king. You select from traditional wood, contemporary metal or luxurious upholstered frames and personalize further with zip-off covers in any style of fabric. No matter what your décor, there is a futon that is right for you.

5. Organic Options

If you are concerned about the environment or about toxins in your mattress material, an organic futon mattress might be for you. Natural, bio-degradable materials, including cotton, !00% wool, biofoam and/or latex, are durable, supportive, long-lasting and can minimize allergy symptoms.

6. Good for Your Back

When you slept on the cheap futon in your best friend’s apartment, it may not have been the best night’s sleep and your back may have been a little sore. Quality futons however, with firm support, can help correct sleeping posture and promote back health for many people.

7. Require Maintenance

While we usually set up traditional beds to stay put, futons are meant to be moved around. With proper maintenance, you can prevent unevenness and compression.

Turning, rolling, fluffing and airing out are important for keeping a futon’s shape and avoiding moisture build-up. While traditional Japanese futons are light and thin enough to fold over a clothesline or a balcony, Americanized versions tend to be thicker, sturdier and require occasional vacuuming or beating.

Before you purchase a futon, carefully consider the measurements of your room, who will be using it and how it will be used. How frequently you will open and close your futon will determine the type of mattress you choose.

Today’s futons are fashionable and affordable; a perfect choice for any living space.

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