7 Guidelines Before You Buy a Car for Your Loved One

Purchasing a second-hand vehicle is the perfect way to buy a vehicle that you like that suits your budget and lifestyle, but it can also be stressful as you want to be sure that there are no defects, faulty components or other damages. There is always the certain anxiety of the unknown when buying a used vehicle.

One way to resolve this concern is to complete a full vehicle inspection before the purchase, but the best way to be certain is to acquire a car proof report, which can present you with a full history of the vehicle’s condition and how it has been used. This report includes the VIN look up, accident information, and import details. With a car proof report, you can be confident that you are making informed decisions and purchasing the right second-hand vehicle.

1. Learn about the different types of fraud

Some of the frauds with second-hand car deals include odometer rollbacks to show that the vehicle does not have a high mileage; reassembled vehicles that have been in a major accident and written off but reassembled and used on the roads; vehicles sold by curbsiders who are not licensed to sell vehicles; and hidden defects. The list is endless.

2. Watch out for deals that appear too good to be true

Deals advertised in the newspapers or on online sites where the value seems lower compared to other similar model and style vehicles are questionable. Ask why the vehicle is sold at a low price compared to other vehicles. Point out the average value of the vehicle.

3. Get a report

Car proof reports can save you from a whole lot frustration with a vehicle that comes with long term repairs and expensive maintenance.  The report will provide you with a full history of the vehicle so that you can make a proper decision with no hesitation.

4. Complete a vehicle inspection and test drive

Use your car proof report to complete a thorough vehicle inspection with an independent licensed mechanic and take the vehicle for a test drive. Listen for strange noises and gauge how well the vehicle is running.

5. Pay at the same time you take ownership of the vehicle

When it comes to a second-hand vehicle depending on who the dealer is, you want to be sure that the vehicle is on your name the same time the payment is made. Of course, well established car dealerships may not deceive you, however, this is a precautionary step for any dealership or person you are purchasing the vehicle from.

6. Beware of unlicensed individuals, dealers or retailers

Unlicensed vehicle sellers are referred as curbsiders whose goal is to make a profit. This appears impossible because you are certain you will take the necessary steps to ensure you are making a genuine purchase from a licensed dealer. Never be too sure as a curber is capable of misrepresentation and can easily turn back the odometer or hide the vehicle issues to sell the vehicle quickly.

Dealers are also likely to take write-off vehicles and reassemble the parts making the vehicle usable for the road.

7. Just be cautious

A used vehicle is a great way to buy a vehicle that you may not be able to afford but when the deal is lower than the market value, it sets off alarm bells. Always use a car proof report to make an informed decision and to be sure that this vehicle sale is not a fraud.

Find a company that offers a comprehensive history and condition report including service history and whether the vehicle is stolen, written-off or reassembled. This way you are confident in the integrity of the vehicle and the dealership or private seller.

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