7 Moving Tips for Couples Living Together

Moving can be so stressful and packing can be an annoying chore if not properly planned. Whether it is a commercial move or moving to a new home that is just across the street, it all requires a planned schedule to alleviate the stress.

We all think of moving as a simple task that just requires two days or a week of preparation at most. We forget that it is not just the packing that is stressful, but the unpacking, sorting and placement as well. With little preparation, you will find yourself having to buy more boxes, staying up late at night to pack and clean, and struggling to get a moving company in time for your planned move.

We also tend to procrastinate by pushing packing tasks for later, so don’t let this happen to you. Save yourself the hassle and stress by planning in advance. Here are a few tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed at the time of moving.

1. Pack all similar items together.

By packing like items together and labelling them, you can place those specific boxes in the rooms they belong. For example, kitchen item boxes can be placed in the kitchen, while bedroom items can be immediately placed in your bedroom. This way, it is easier to unpack, sort and place in the right location.

2. Purchase all the necessary packaging you need

You should make purchases for your furniture, appliances, electronics, valuables and other items. Your electronics for instance will require sturdy bubble wrap to protect it from any damage during the move. Purchase an assortment of packaging, tools and boxes to avoid any last-minute panic and purchase.

3. Target a small amount of packing each day.

Start with infrequently used items that are not essential and as the days’ progress towards the move, you can start packing all your essentials.

4. Scheduling a professional moving company.

Moving companies are always busy at the end of the month as most moves are scheduled around that time. Therefore, it is important to hire professional movers as early as possible so that you can be sure to acquire their assistance and services at the time of the move. The more time you have, the better chances of selecting a reliable mover who can offer reassurance that your property will be kept safe during the move.

You also want to make sure the moving company can offer storage as there are often times you need to vacate a location before the due date for cleaning and new tenant occupancy.

5. Moving helps to get rid of unwanted items.

During a move, you could get rid of the items that you will not be using and can either donate, sell or recycle where you can. This will reduce the number of items you will have to pack and transport during the move.

6. Don’t forget to pack a moving bag.

The last thing you need is to have to rampage boxes to find your tooth paste or phone charger. By separately packing an overnight bag, you can save yourself the hassle of looking for toiletries, clothing, chargers, and other important items you need on a day-to-day basis.

7. Avoid packing on moving day.

There is a tendency to leave some packing to be done on the day of the move. It is recommended to avoid packing on the day of moving as it will reduce a considerable amount of stress. On this day, you should be done with all your packing and just focused on overseeing the move.

8. Preparation is key.

Preparation is vital to having a smooth and successful move. If you apply these simple tips, you will find yourself well prepared, stress-free and relieved that you considered the planned schedule.

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