7 Reasons Why Wood Watches Are Great Gifts

You have many reasons to give gifts to people, from those you love to those who have impacted your life in a positive way. No matter why you’ve chosen to give, why not consider a uniquely-designed, hand-manufactured wooden watch? It is always the perfect present. Since you can design it yourself, it can be as unique and special as the person receiving it.

1. Works for Any Occasion

How many times have you asked the question, “What could I possibly get for the person who already has everything?” Maybe you need to buy for a special occasion like Christmas, a loved-one’s birthday or an anniversary. What about graduation or bridal party gifts or employee rewards for long-term service? A wooden watch may be just what you are looking for.

2. Suits Varying Budgets

Although wooden watches are sleek and look expensive, they are not just for the wealthy. From modest to extravagant, you can find a wooden watch within your budget. Many people begin with a less expensive model and love it so much, they are willing to make a larger investment down the road.

3. Always in Style

With its classic, simple design, it’s easy to find a wooden watch to suit the personality and style of your gift recipient. Match the strap to the types of activities the wearer participates in. From business to outdoor to athletic, you can find many designs to suit a person’s favourite colours and styles.

4. Natural Wood Products

You can purchase watches made in a variety of different woods. Bamboo or rosewood might be offered for people seeking a more durable gift. For something unique, select the contrasting colour of zebrawood. For a little more prestige, you might go with walnut which is known for its use in the body of pipe organs or African rosewood with its deep, dark colours. From maple, to teak, to butternut, many choices are available, and for the environmentalist on your list, choose a company that uses recycled or reclaimed wood.

5. Very Comfortable

Since wooden watches are light-weight, easily adjustable and come in different sizes, most people will find them very comfortable. They are also a great choice for people who have metal allergies or who are more sensitive to the heat or cold of a metal watch.

6. Functional Design

When you are looking for a wooden watch to gift, seek out quality parts. Reputable companies often use premium Swiss or Japanese movements, for a practical, accurate timepiece.

7. Customizable

One of the things that makes a wooden watch the perfect gift, is that you can personalize it fully. Many companies offer customers the opportunity to design their own watch, from the type of wood to the colour of display to the material of the strap. Often, you can choose whether the second hand moves with the other hands or sits in a separate display, and select a unique shape for the casing. Perfect for gift-giving, you can even have the watch or the box it comes in engraved with special words in a font you choose.

Watches are always practical and never go out of style. People rely on them to keep them on track in our hectic, technology-driven world. Wooden watches have a clean, minimalistic design that looks good on anyone and can help us take a step back to a simpler time. Their neutral colours and nature-inspired models are attractive and can fit into most styles. If you are looking for an unusual gift for anyone on your list, this is it.

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