7 Red Flags to Avoid in a Limousine Service

Limousine services are an excellent option in a variety of situations. Limos offer luxury, safety, and comfort…but only if you choose the right company.

Once you start looking for Toronto limo services, you’ll be bombarded by the choices. Whether you’re hiring chauffeured transportation to impress clients, to head to the airport, or to transport guests to and from your wedding or party, you want everything to go smoothly. You want to get the best value for your money. How can you ensure you choose the right limo company? Look for these red flags.

1. Limited Options

You can always benefit from having options. Do you want to ride in style in a Cadillac, Mercedes, or Tesla? Do you need something bigger, such as a stretch limo, limo van, or limo bus? You should be able to choose—not settle for a vehicle that doesn’t exactly meet your needs.

You want choice in other areas too, such as where and when you get picked up or dropped off, how many limos you can rent, and which chauffeured services you want, such as champagne and flute glasses or even a red carpet.

2. Terrible Customer Service

Are you having trouble getting a representative from a limo company on the phone? Are the lines always busy? Are you getting non-answers and vague answers to your direct questions? If so, it’s a sign you should look elsewhere for your limo services because the company may be hiding something.

The chances are good this poor service will also occur during your special occasion as well, and you don’t want to ruin the special day you have planned due to a terrible chauffeur.

3. Old Vehicles

A reputable, quality limo company will upgrade its vehicles to ensure you can ride in style, no matter which package you choose. There should be both quality and variety in the fleet.

The best companies have fleets comprised of top-of-the-line vehicles, such as Cadillacs, Mercedes, and Hummers. If you’re not getting a quality vehicle for your ride, you might as well call a taxi service, right?

4. Lack of Insurance

What sets a limo apart from other types of transportation, such as Ubers and cabs? Other than superior comfort and luxury, it’s safety. You should feel protected in the limo you’re in. Therefore, any reputable limo service will offer insurance.

5. No Contract

Whether you’re requesting services for an hour or a full day, the terms should be set out by some type of contract. This contract will let you know exactly which costs to prepare for, which amenities are provided, which vehicle you’ll receive, and which services you’ll receive.

A contract will ensure you get what you pay for.

In addition, the contract should state the company’s policies, so you’re clear of the terms of service before you agree. This can help you prevent disputes later on.

6. Lack of Referrals

The company should gladly offer you referrals, so you can ensure you’re making the right choice before you get locked into a formal arrangement. If the company representative is hesitant to offer referrals from past customers, or outright refuses to do so, you should be wary. Any company offering great service will be proud of the work its done in the past.

7. Poorly Trained Chauffeurs

You’re going to feel a lot better about your choice if you know the limo company’s chauffeurs are professional, trained, and have years of experience. Navigating Toronto traffic can be tricky. You don’t want to risk getting into a serious accident because it’s your chauffeur’s first day on the job—with little to no training beforehand. You also don’t want your chauffeur to be late picking you up at the designated time because he got lost.

Ask about the chauffeurs’ experience before you sign a contract. Be concerned if the representative brushes you off.

By being alert to these seven red flags, you can ensure you choose the right chauffeured transportation for your needs.

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