8 Ways You Can Help a Child in a Developing Country

If you watch television or surf the internet, you are very aware that there are needy children in developing countries. Poverty. Malnutrition. War. Disease. Abuse. Lack of Education. These are just a few of the issues that children around the world cope with every day.

1. Pray

If you are not in a position to give, that’s okay. Everyone needs a prayer warrior on their side. Speak with missionaries or missionary organizations to choose a country or a people group and narrow down their specific prayer needs or requests.

2. Write Letters

Children who have been through war, live in deplorable surroundings or have untreated medical conditions may feel very isolated and feel that they have been forgotten. Through letters, you can show love and compassion, and build relationships that they will remember for a lifetime.

3. Donate

Consider a one-time gift. When you work with a reputable organization, you can often find out the cause or the specific child your money is going to support, and how much of your donation is covering administrative costs. You can even give practical gifts such as livestock, seeds and farming tools to support a single family, or a well that provides water for an entire town.

4. Sponsor a Child

If you can sponsor a child, your monthly contribution might provide books, uniforms or supplies for education. It could pay for nutritious food, vaccinations, medical procedures or access to clean water. You and your family can get to know a child and their family personally, sharing letters and photographs. Over time, you will see how your support has impacted their lives.

5. Go on a Missions Trip

There are so many opportunities to help children and entire communities, in developing countries. You can volunteer with agencies that provide disaster relief, participate in a community development or infrastructure project, visit orphanages, or organize and facilitate vacation bible schools. You could use your profession, gifts and talents to provide a service or teach a skill that people could use to support their families. You may go for a week or two or for a few months. The organizations and opportunities for short-term missions trips are endless.

6. Rally Your Church

Maybe you have already participated in missionary work and have developed a passion for a community in need. If you are a great communicator and your congregation is open to missions, you might be able to garner support and make positive changes for the people you’ve met.

7. Organize a Community Fundraiser

Perhaps you are ready to put time and effort into letter writing, public speaking and organizing events. From bake sales and raffle tickets to carnivals and concerts, special events can inspire people to support a cause enthusiastically. Once you have pinpointed a need, you can increase awareness about the people and the hurdles they face, and raise money on an even larger scale.

8. Become a Missionary

If you feel a strong calling to invest your life in long-term missions, go! When you spend time living with people, you can begin to truly understand their lives, their language and their culture. Developing trust will open doors to assist children, families and communities in diverse and meaningful ways.

Not everyone can leave their lives behind to live in another country. Not everyone is able to donate large amounts of money. Simply, do what you can and donate your fair share to a children’s charity. Even the thing that seems most insignificant to you has the power to change the life of a child in a different part of the world.

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