9 Christmas Gift Basket Ideas For Everyone On Your List

Christmas gift baskets make perfect gifts, and not just for the people on your Christmas shopping list who seem to already have everything. To help you get started, here are 9 Christmas gift basket ideas that should please everyone on your list.

1. A chocolate themed basket

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Christmas gift baskets that contain delicious chocolates are sure to please anyone, especially when they have been carefully packaged in a beautiful Christmas themed basket, box, tin, or hamper that can be enjoyed after all the chocolate treats have disappeared.

2. Delicious snacks

Whether they love sweet snacks or salty snacks, you can surely find the perfect Christmas gift baskets for them. Gift baskets are always prepared with high quality products, including pretzels, popcorn, crackers, sugar cookies, candies, wafers, peanuts, fruit jellies, and other delicious snacks.

3. Gourmet treats

For those who enjoy more gourmet treats, you can surprise them with a gourmet Christmas gift basket. This type of basket can include fine cheeses, biscotti, fruit spread, honey, garlic cheese spread, maple fudge, caramels, smoked salmon, olives, salsa, nuts, chocolate truffles, and much more.

4. Fresh baked cookies

Some gift basket companies are also offering delicious fresh baked cookies, in different flavors, so you can please any fresh baked cookie lover on your Christmas list, without having to bake your own! Fresh baked cookies are delivered in beautiful Christmas tins.

5. Hot beverages

Specialty coffee, hot chocolate and tea; these hot beverages make great gifts. They can be featured in gourmet or chocolate themed Christmas gift baskets, or they can be the star of their own gift basket. A coffee, hot chocolate, or tea gift basket is perfect for the cold season.

6. Sugar free treats

If someone on your list needs to avoid sugar, you can offer them a sugar free, diabetic friendly Christmas gift basket. They will be happy to be able to enjoy delicious treats like everyone else on your list, but with no sugar added.

7. A spa in a basket

Christmas gift baskets don’t have to be filled with edible treats. If someone on your list needs to take some time to relax and pamper themselves, you can offer them a spa gift basket. These baskets can contain bath salts, shower gels, lotions, hand creams, a nail file, and even some spa slippers.

8. Baby gift baskets

If someone on your list is expecting a new baby during the holidays, why not send them a baby gift basket for Christmas? These baskets can include a baby blanket, baby clothes, a photo album, a baby hand print kit, plush animals, baby shampoo, a rubber ducky, and more.

9. Custom design a basket

Some companies that offer Christmas gift baskets will offer you to create a custom gift basket for you. They will place the products you choose in the beautiful box, basket or tin of your choice, for a truly unique Christmas gift basket for that special someone on your list.

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