Our Origins

Our names are Jeremiah Howard and Jenny Holmes. We’re a blogging couple.

Let’s begin this introduction with a virtual handshake, as if you’re our virtual neighbour dropping by our virtual doorstep with your deliciously virtual casserole. Oh, how nice of you to drop by, come inside, make yourself at home!

Are couple bloggers an actual thing? Because that’s what we are. A couple who blogs together. In real life, we’ve been dating for over ten years now. Some may even call us a power couple. Kinda.

As you can tell from our fashionably hipster glasses, we’re two gigantic nerds strangely drawn to each other because our natural oddities repel everybody else away. How many couples do you know that blog together? Yeah, that’s how odd we are. We know it and we’re proud of it!

We first met each other at a book festival many eons ago. He was a shy library assistant minding his own business in the corner room. She was an overly enthusiastic college student too eager to meet new people. It was practically love at first sight. She made the first move, they struck a conversation, and then their romance blossomed behind coffee dates, indie concerts, and late nights at the library.

(Man, it’s weird to refer to ourselves in the third-person.)

Anyway, thanks for dropping by So Happi Together, where we blog about a variety of random topics. Whatever inspiration comes to mind, we rush to a keyboard and start typing away. Our blog can admittedly get a little scattered, but that’s the way we like it.

We hope you enjoyed your visit. Before you leave, be sure to leave a comment and help us settle the debate on who is the better writer. Him or her? Think wisely, there’s only one right answer!