How to Run a Restaurant: 5 Cooking Equipment for Your Kitchen

Restaurants need a lot of supplies and a restaurant supply store might be one of your best friends when you first set up your dream bistro or bar. They take a lot of the pain and headaches away from an exciting, but trying time.

You have enough on your hands with hiring staff and coming up with a great menu along with deciding about your choices for the design and décor of your new place. They will be your friends and mentors as you choose your equipment and supplies.

1. Categorize your restaurant equipment

One suggestion they may make is to think about your restaurant supplies in separate categories. This might include food basics like preparation, preservation, storage and consumption. Then there might be a need for bigger items of equipment like grills and stoves and different types of coolers. You will also need supplies like pots and pans, boilers, spoons and ladles, tongs, strainers and thermometers.

In addition, you’ll also need a whole range of other supplies for cooking station like the fryer station, grill station, griddle station, as well as hot table supplies, tabletop supplies and beverage and wait stations. That’s not even getting into eating utensils, paper products, bar supplies and cleaning products. Don’t forget the toothpicks and thank you mints for guests leaving your restaurant.

2. Equipment and furniture requirements

In addition to your grills and stoves you will need a couple of industrial microwaves for reheating sauces and thawing some other dishes. You should consider leasing a commercial dish washer that may come with an arrangement to purchase chemical and cleaning supplies at a discounted rate.

You will also need coffeemakers, coolers and ice machines as well as tables and chairs for both dining and reception areas. Many new restaurants lease their main furniture and hire a linen company to look after their cloth napkins and tablecloths.

3. Some more equipment basics

You will need some storage containers and a scale to measure certain deliveries in the receiving area. This is things like dry storage boxes and cold storage racks for meat and poultry. Each station within your restaurant will also need its own specific tools.

For example, the fryer station will need things like baskets, skimmers and tongs. And any grill stations will require a variety of blades, brushes and fire retardants. Still other locations, like the griddle station will need some blades, scrapers and thermometers in various sizes and lengths.

4. Food prep essentials

It is essential to have food preparation areas that are clean and well-sanitized. These areas need the best equipment like the knives and tools of the trade but there must be hand sinks, soap dispensers, anti-bacterial soap, and brushes and hand sanitizers for all employees at all times. You don’t want anyone to get sick from eating at your restaurant. In addition, you should have a supply of aprons and cutting boards and pots and pans.

When it comes to bake preparation, there has to be measuring spoons and dry and liquid measures, along with a selection of scoops and sifters and sieves to help your cooks and chefs prepare the best meals possible.

5. Pots and pans for everything

Depending on your menu and chef requirements you will need a variety of pots and pans. This might include different size stock pots with covers to sauce pots, brazing and sauce pans, along with frying pans with non-stick coatings and insulated handles. Do you need double boilers and from stainless steel spoons? What about wooden spoons and ladles for stirring and serving purposes? Check with the cook before you head to the restaurant supply store.

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