Planning the Perfect Wedding: 5 Outdoor Wedding Essentials for Your Survival Kit

You finally set the date for your wedding and have your heart set on an outdoor ceremony and reception. When taking inventory of what you will need there are items that are quite easy to add to your list such as tables, chairs, dishware, and tablecloths.

Having an outdoor wedding is vastly different than one held indoors and there are certain things you must have that you may not even think about. Below are 5 things you need to make sure your outdoor wedding occurs without issue.

1. Shelter

You like to think that your wedding day will be sunny and beautiful but you also cannot control mother nature. Therefore, you need a backup plan if the weather does not cooperate. A tent is a very popular option for weddings because of their elegance, low cost to rent, and ability to hold everything and everyone comfortably. If the weather is perfect, your wedding event rental can still be put into good use. You can still use the tent for the dance and set up a few heaters as temperatures get cooler at night.

2. Power

Power sources are obviously not given a second thought if a wedding is held indoors, but this should be one of your top priorities when having a wedding outside. There are many things that will need a reliable power source such as lights, music, the caterer, and the person officiating your wedding may need a microphone that needs power as well. If a building with a power source is nearby you can consider running power cords from it, but a lot of cords running everywhere may not look great and may cause an overload that will result in power outages. Consider obtaining a generator that is reliable and quiet to avoid disruptions and excessive noise.

3. Refrigeration

When planning your wedding, confirm with your caterer, baker, and florist that the wedding is held outside because this will vastly alter their procedures to make sure your wedding is a success. You can choose to have a meal that does not require a lot of refrigeration but if you do, confirm the caterer can meet this requirement, hire someone that can provide the service, or determine if there are accessible buildings to store food. This also goes for your cake and flowers. Make sure you can keep cake and flowers cool to prevent melting and wilting respectively or choose items that are more resistant to warmer temperatures.

4. Means to repel bugs

You want your guests to have a great time at your wedding and it may not be at the top of their agendas to make sure they bring bug repellant. Mosquitos tend to be quite active in the early evening which is when you may begin your dinner. It would be terrible for your guests to have to swat away mosquitos when they are trying to eat and socialize. If you have a wedding planner, talk to him or her about ideas to combat bugs. Consider renting mosquito lamps that can be placed around the premises or place small and elegant bottles of insect repellant in the restrooms or on dinner tables.

5. Hydration

Outdoor weddings can be hot with little shade available, making your guests thirsty and uncomfortable. To minimize these affects you plan on having a short ceremony but delays occur and your guests could be left in the heat longer than planned. To address this have bottles of water within reach, even putting water underneath seats for easier access. A large majority of your guests may consume alcohol but even they may need hydration to combat thirst and heat stroke. In addition to alcoholic beverages consider offering flavoured water, iced teas, and lemonades for people who do not drink alcohol, children, and those who wish to stay hydrated if temperatures are warmer.

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